our initiatives

Career Hack

Every quarter, we assemble thought leaders, industry experts and captains from different sectors and careers in a virtual room to discuss, share insights,

Campus Drive

Our Campus Drive takes mentoring and coaching directly to Universities and Colleges across North America. We take our expert Mentors and Coaches....

Fireside Chat

We periodically invite professionals and thought leaders with expertise in different fields to share some of their knowledge and experiences in an informal session.

Start Up Clinic

Successful corporations started as start-ups with a business idea. But not all ideas become big businesses. Execution and support are crucial.

Board Drive

Connect, Meet and Greet. This is the Board Drive initiative. a bi-weekly Meet & Greet with HOPS Board members (and Team) and our community.


How would you like to make that Career Transformation within 120 days? This initiative seeks to get professionals transform their careers within 120 days.