Toyin Fatubarin

I help businesses and teams optimize to deliver value on time and frequently, work more collaboratively, empower teams to remove blockers and processes that hinder progress, inspect and adapt frequently, and celebrate their successes!

With over 12 years of Project Management experience in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Service Management and Vendor Management, I have worked across multiple countries, and with diverse teams from all over the world. My range of experience include Leadership, Setup and management of a Project Management Office, Agile Coaching, Digital Transformation, and Project Management Consulting.

I share the Project Management methodologies, Agile mindset, and benefits of the Agile mindset with many, highlighting that Project Management (Agile, Iterative methodologies) cuts across several professions and aspects of life. I have a track record of success, advising C-level executives, in addition to inspiring teams to high performance and project/team success on medium-large size projects.